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State Legislative Audit of Ccw Program Has Been Completed

                                                                     Statement by Sheriff Scott R. Jones

In the 2016 legislative session, Assemblymember Kevin McCarty authored two bills to make it more burdensome to obtain CCW permits statewide.  One bill was killed early, and one made it to the Governor’s desk.  In his veto message for that bill, Governor Brown correctly pointed out:

“This bill was spurred by a local dispute in one county.  I am unaware of a larger problem that merits a statewide change at this point.”

Undeterred in his effort to impact me personally and the issuance of CCW permits statewide, Assemblymember McCarty took to social media on December 21st and threatened to use the State’s Legislative Audit function to examine the CCW program of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.  True to that threat, in early 2017 an audit was initiated by Assemblymember McCarty of my CCW program, and two other low-issue counties to demonstrate contrast.

At an estimated cost of $350,000 to the taxpayers of California, the audit is now complete and will be made public later this week.  Although the audit as expected was critical in some respects of the manner in which we issue CCW permits, of the over 11,000 application files the audit team was given access to they found:

  • no permits were issued in violation of law;
  • no examples where permits were issued with improper residency;
  • no examples or evidence that subsequent revocations indicated that the permits should not have been initially granted; and
  • any CCW program deficit was internally funded, was of negligible impact to the County overall, and the Sheriff’s Department was under-budget and returned money to the County each year in a greater amount than the operating deficit of the CCW unit.

Included with this media release is my full written response that is attached to the audit findings, which should be released from California State Auditor’s office later this week.


Sheriff Scott Jones

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