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Blood Drive in Honor of Las Vegas Victims

In an effort to honor the Las Vegas shooting victims, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has partnered with Blood Source to obtain blood donations from Sheriff’s Department employees and other members of our community.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department will be hosting a blood drive throughout the Sacramento region starting on October 9, 2017.  All Sheriff’s Department personnel and community members wishing to participate will be able to visit any Blood Source location in the Sacramento Region.

This event will kick off at Blood Source (11713 Fair Oaks Blvd.) beginning at 7:30 a.m. on Monday October 9, 2017 and will be specifically designed for donors to donate in honor of the Las Vegas shooting victims.  This entire blood drive is open to members of the general public.

We ask that all donors participating in this event provide the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department donor club identification number 0878.  The donor club identification number can be used at any Blood Source location and at any time in the future.  In order to ensure a good experience, all donors are encouraged hydrate and consume a meal prior to their visit.

In partnership with Blood Source, we are also encouraging donors to schedule future donation appointments in the months of November and December to further assure the victims of the Las Vegas incident continue to have the blood needed during their recovery.  Scheduling future appointments will also ensure an appropriately managed blood supply.

The members of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department are proud to serve our community and also honored to be able to assist victims and victim’s families involved in this tragedy.