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National Forensic Science Week

This week, September 17th – 23rd, 2017, the nation is recognizing the forensic science community for their excellence in handling forensic evidence.

Within the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, forensic evidence is processed by our Forensics and Evidence Bureau which is comprised of Crime Scene Investigators, Sheriff’s Records Officers and Forensic Identification Technicians.

The forensic community is vital to the success of many investigations and addressing crime occurring in our communities.  Forensic science dramatically improves the investigation of criminal activity, leading to the successful prosecution of the guilty and the exoneration of the innocent.

The Sheriff’s Department Forensics and Evidence Bureau plays an integral role in identifying suspects, processing and collecting evidence as well as meticulously organizing and tracking all evidence collected at crime scenes.  Collectively, the members of the Sheriff’s Department Forensics and Evidence Bureau process evidence for nearly 600 cases every month.

California Governor Jerry Brown has acknowledged the California forensic science community by signing a commemorative letter recognizing all forensic science stakeholders within our state.


Sergeant Shaun Hampton

Sheriff’s Spokesman