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Seeking Public's Assistance on Cold Case Homicide

36 Years ago, 20 year old Robin Gisela Brooks was discovered dead in her apartment. Robin recently moved into the complex and was scheduled to work on Thursday, April 24, 1980 at the “Donut Time” on Kiefer Boulevard. When she did not show up for her 4:00 pm shift, friends and co-workers went to her apartment and knocked on the door numerous times. When they did not get a response, they forced entry into the apartment.  Once inside, they found Robin Brooks deceased in her bedroom. Detectives from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department arrived and conducted an investigation. During the autopsy, the pathologist determined Robin had been sexually assaulted prior to being stabbed to death. The suspect apparently cut himself during the assault and his DNA profile has been uploaded to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) database. To this date, no match has been made. Robin’s family members and the Sheriff’s Department Investigators are asking for the public’s help to solve this horrific murder.

Robin Brooks’ family has put up a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for her murder.  If you have any information regarding this case, including knowledge of Robin’s acquaintances, please contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau at 874-5057 or go to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s web site and click on the “Tip” link.