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Emergency Information

If you have an emergency, call 911 or 362-5111.

If you do not have an emergency but would like an officer response you can call 362-5115. Or you can view our contact page here

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City of Rancho Cordova Rancho Cordova Police Department

Problem Oriented Policing

The Problem Oriented Policing (P.O.P.) detail of the Rancho Cordova Police Department is a specialized unit within the police department which deals with a range of community problems and crime prevention. The officers in the P.O.P. Unit have developed an understanding of the community problems and work to develop solutions to address recurring problems.

The three officers currently assigned to the P.O.P. division focus on the following areas:

  • Investigating chronic crime problems and nuisance complaints
  • Utilizing a multi-agency approach to problem-solving by partnering with other agencies such as Code Enforcement, Fire Department, District Attorney's Office, Building Inspectors, Probation, Parole, and Children's Services
  • Working with the community groups to identify priority problems and neighborhood issues
  • Assisting in crime prevention activities
  • Utilizing targeted enforcement tactics
  • Regularly meeting and communicating with detectives and patrol officers regarding chronic problems
  • Maintaining neighborhood nuisance enforcement

The Rancho Cordova Police Department is a community-based policing organization and subscribes to Community-Oriented Policing ("C.O.P."). Community-Oriented Policing is a philosophy, management style and organizational strategy that promotes proactive problem-solving and police-community partnerships.

There are six major principles that are critical to the Community Oriented Policing philosophy:

  • Partnerships
  • Accountability
  • Empowerment
  • Problem Solving
  • Service Orientation
  • Risk-taking

In addition to the three full-time P.O.P officers, there are two full-time School Resource Officers assigned exclusively to several schools within the City of Rancho Cordova. Please visit our School Resource Officer page for more information.

The Rancho Cordova Police Department Explorers POST 1036, in partnership with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and Folsom Police Department are offering opportunities for teenagers and young adults to become actively involved in the community in which they live, learn, and play. Community service helps to build a sense of ownership and pride in your community as you take an active role in matters that personally affect you community.

Although the P.O.P. team works closely with City Code Enforcement, there are many areas that are handled specifically by the Code Enforcement team. Yard cars, blight in yards, building codes are some examples of issues handled by City Code Enforcement.

City Neighborhood services

City Code Enforcement