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Emergency Information

If you have an emergency, call 911 or 362-5111.

If you do not have an emergency but would like an officer response you can call 362-5115. Or you can view our contact page here

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City of Rancho Cordova Rancho Cordova Police Department

Activities at the Service Center

The Community Service Center is a great place to get involved.  Often we do not have enough sworn officers to respond to all community events, but with our volunteers and members of the community, we can make an even bigger impact in our City.  Keep up the great work and call us to GET INVOLVED!  (916) 875-9602.

Some of the Programs handled through the Service Center:

  • Crime Prevention and Safety Presentations
  • Crime Reports
  • National Night Out
  • Neighborhood and Business Watch
  • Toy Project
  • Vacation Checks

Crime Prevention and Safety Presentations
All members of the Service Center staff routinely make presentations to various groups regarding crime prevention strategies. Topics are varied and formatted for the particular group being addressed; including, but not limited to: Home Safety, Personal Safety, Narcotics, Gangs, Business Security, and Rape Awareness.

Crime Reports
Volunteers take crime reports over the phone and on a walk-in basis from citizens who have been victimized. The type of crime reports volunteers may take are limited but include vehicle burglaries, vandalisms, lost / stolen items, and identity theft. Though our volunteers are not trained to complete vehicle collision reports, they can help facilitate your completion of a non-injury or property damage only collision report. Volunteers may also direct citizens to relevant social services.

National Night Out
National Night Out National Night Out is held the first Tuesday evening of every August. The day is predetermined by the National Association of Town Watches. Residents are encouraged to turn on their porch lights, lock their doors, and spend their evening outside socializing with their neighbors. The Crime Prevention Specialists promote this day as a chance for people to "take back" their neighborhoods. The Police Department supports the event by visiting the neighborhood events which range from meetings to block parties.

Neighborhood/Business Watch
Neighborhood and Business Watch groups are formed through two meetings. The focus of the first meeting is to get the group organized. People are educated on the concept of Neighborhood Watch and how to create a successful group. After creation they continue to meet with the Crime Prevention Specialist to learn about crime prevention techniques.

The Neighborhood Watch Program The Neighborhood Watch Program provides intensive crime prevention education to the community and establishes a communication system between these groups and the Police Department. The objective of this program is to deter and reduce criminal activity on a residential block. Each block will be organized by a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. Neighbors alert each other of possible criminal activities on their block. Unreported suspicious activity can be channeled to the local Police Community Service Center for correlations on crime activity. Suspicious subjects and vehicle information will be computerized with known criminal activity to further our effort.

Toy Project
The Service Center collects and distributes toys at Christmas time to predetermined needy families. During the latest Christmas Toy Drive, needy families in the Rancho Cordova area received a large box of food, toys and other necessities.

Vacation Checks
The Rancho Cordova volunteers, in partnership with the Police Department, have a residential security program that runs throughout the year.  Before you leave, the volunteers come to your home and complete a form stating the dates you will be gone and emergency contact phone numbers.  While you are gone, volunteers come by in a marked vehicle and do a check of your windows and doors.  When you return, you will receive a copy of the logs kept while you were gone. This service is provided free of charge to the residents within the City of Rancho Cordova.  The Volunteers in Partnership Program (VIP) is a non-profit group that does accept donations which help support the program.

If you are interested in any of these programs please feel free to contact us either in person at the service center 2897 Kilgore Road, Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm, excluding holidays, or by phone at 916-875-9602.