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Emergency Information

If you have an emergency, call 911 or 362-5111.

If you do not have an emergency but would like an officer response you can call 362-5115. Or you can view our contact page here

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City of Rancho Cordova Rancho Cordova Police Department

Message from the Chief

The Rancho Cordova Police Department’s goal is to create a safe and vibrant community by developing and maintaining stakeholder partnerships and community involvement. 

Providing Police Service is more than reactionary policing; it is civic engagement coupled with proactive innovation that spurs development and growth.   

I invite you to become a partner in making your neighborhood and business thrive.

Get involved by:

  • Participating in a neighborhood watch group or neighborhood improvement committee
  • Volunteering at a neighborhood school or youth organization
  • Staying informed and getting involved in community issues that matter to you
  • Being an observant, caring and considerate neighbor
  • Volunteering with the Police Department
  • Becoming active in other service organizations
The men and women of the Rancho Cordova Police Department look forward to meeting our upcoming challenges and providing the community with unmatched excellence in law enforcement services.


Chris Pittman
Rancho Cordova Police Department
Chief of Police